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lnhammer in sagafans

Tattúínárdœla saga

And the person who wins the Internets this week is the author of a blog called "Tattúínárdœla saga" or "The Saga of the People of Tattooine River Valley," subtitled "If Star Wars Were an Icelandic Saga".

The introductory post is here. He's since gone on to write the first five chapters of the saga itself, for value-added awesomeness. In Old Norse.

Because, dude, it is totally awesome. I wish Lucas had taken the Icelandic dialog for Luke and Vader's battle in Empire instead of the Middle High German tale he adapted. Go. Read. And when you finish rolling on the floor, come back and gush.



I read most of the introduction aloud to friends tonight and totally missed that he'd written some of the saga itself.

Damn. I think they would have been amused by the Yoda MPREG.

I missed that. Where?

First two paragraphs of Chapter One. At least, I'm not sure how else to read it.
Oh, that is LOLarious!

A little nod to Laxdaela there, too.
And Egil's and Njal's.

I didn't realize he'd started writing the thing!!! Makes me want to bust out my Gordon and see if I can still make heads or tails of anything.
Let us know what you can make out.

Sadly, I am rusty in the extreme. I only ever did one semester of translation, and that was in late 2001.
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